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SAWAYAKA REPRESENTAÇÕES E ASSESSORIA COMERCIAL LTDA was founded on 26th September 1995 as a family business comprised of members YOSHIJI WADA, WADA, KEIKO WADA and YAYOI ELIZE WADA (emancipated). Subsequently the company received as members AKANE CRISTIANE WADA, SAYURI TATIANE WADA and LIRIA NISHIMURA. In 1997, through a joint venture with Tsuneishi Research & Development of Tsuneishi Group (Kambara), SAWAYAKA participated in the founding of Miroku Import and Export Ltda. The company operated importing Japanese rice type grown on the farm in Uruguay and Miroku ended its activities in 2000 by transferring this function to Industria Agricola Tozan in São Paulo.

In June 2001, the Sawayaka became the liaison office of Moritex in Brazil.

In 2003 the company started work on the development of Machine Tools Market (Machine Tools) MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina and also Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba) and the area extending from 2005 acting to Chile.

From April 2004, the Sawayaka became the liaison office of JSW in Brazil, facilitating compliance to traditional national clients such as Braskem SA, Ipiranga Petrochemical, Polibrasil, Rio Polimeros, Polietileno União, Borealis / OPP, among others. Also serve important customers in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela.

In 2005, with the acquisition of the own place Sawayaka expects to meet customers needs even better.

Sawayaka works as Japan Pulp and Paper representative with Electrolytical paper sales in Brazil. Sawayaka is still working with chemical and pharmaceutical special products.

Currently, are entirely dedicated as company administrators YOSHIJI WADA and LIRIA NISHIMURA.